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MID Commands Video 1-720p)

While Sturtevant Richmont is known for wireless error proofing tools, we are also known for the systematic way we approach error proofing. We realize that there are no small details in your assemblies. So we continuously look for ways to add value with our tools and controllers. One way we add value is with our 2500 Mid Commands. With every mid command we send to your MES or data repository, we included the date of the last update to that particular P-Set.

If you have a distributed database, you are probably counting on humans to walk out on the shop floor and update each database. While that sounds like a good plan, we all know that things can go wrong when people are involved. People get sick, they quit, they get busy, they forget, and the database doesn't always get updated.

By sending the date of update for every P-Set, you don't have to walk out on the shop floor to check if the Engineering Change Notice was implemented. You can look at the files in your MES or data repository. The date of the update is right there. You can look at any of your databases around the world from the comfort of your own desk.

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